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The Kamikaze Mind

* Books.
* Mobile phone art - wallpapers, animations and ringtones.
* Quotes and images to wear, send or carry.

"This curious little book presents as a regular hard copy and...a complete digital package, with wallpapers, ring tones and animations to add to your mobile phone.  The ring tones are gorgeous!  You can also add your own definitions and comments to the dictionary of words on the interactive and highly visual web page." 
Chrissie Parrott, dancewest magazine

"Richard James Allen has also created small video dance vignettes on mobile phone to extend the thematic concerns of his poetry novel The Kamikaze Mind.  Like Peter Greenaway’s The Tulse Luper Suitcases..., Allen’s The Kamikaze Mind is a collection of fragments of an astronaut's mind.  These fragments continue beyond the book to the mobile phone and has also recently blended into the immersive experience created for Thursday’s Fictions in Second Life."
Christy Dena, “Authors that Think Outside the Book”,  Cross-Media/Transmedia Entertainment(Full text)

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